FTNCHEK Fortran 90 Project

Many people have asked whether I have any plans to bring ftnchek up to date to support Fortran 90. Certainly this is something that ought to be done. The problem is that I can only work on ftnchek in my spare time, so progress is very slow. The only way a major improvement like this will be made is if other people lend a hand to help. I am willing to coordinate the project. At this time, no funding sources are in sight, so the job will have to be done on a completely volunteer basis.

Initially, we might aim for a more modest goal than supporting the whole of Fortran 90. At the moment, ftnchek does support a small number of Fortran 90 features. A few more key features that would help greatly would be:

Some other items that are not specifically Fortran 90 but have long been lacking in ftnchek are:

Feel free to submit your own suggestions for other short-term goals. If the response is sufficient, we could consider more ambitious goals.

Volunteer programmers must be proficient in C, the language in which ftnchek is written.

Other volunteers could serve the project by writing documentation and performing alpha tests.

If you are interested in helping with this project, please send me a message at moniot@fordham.edu.